ION Tour

Produced and broadcast worldwide on the one and only ION Network since 2005, the 2013 ION Tour features a unique, nationwide boutique series of championship and participant sports, social media, music and nutrition events with lots more love spread on the beautiful waterfronts in Insane Diego, Insane Pedro and Insane Francisco. Hey – they’re our backyards – what can we say? Fun and good vibe for the whole family.

Along the ION Tour, meet our Activat.ion Team on the road, at your school or at each of the venues… who knows what can happen next…? POSITIVE IONS to say the least!

Tell us who and where the Activat.ion is missing! Submit your event to info(at) – there’s still time.

If you happen to be a brand, service or product marketer that wants to join us on the ION Tour – give us a holler. The experience and ROI are priceless …

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